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The future of office products...

The future of office products is now. Every year we introduce new and exciting products sourced from expert suppliers all over the world. We specially select these products with you in mind, from off the wall stationery, to new and improved office essentials. So, why not take a look below at what we believe to be the best products of 2016 so far.

Avery Office Sets – the future of desk organisation

As your desk space decreases, you need to make the most of what’s available. The Avery office sets are perfect for helping you do exactly that. These vibrant office sets are perfect for any office environment, so keep your desk space colourful, organised and efficient no matter how big your workload gets.

Check out your desktop must have here

Nescafe Azera Cappuccino – barista style speciality coffee

Calling all coffee lovers! Fed up with your day-to-day office coffee? Have distant dreams of barista style coffee at your fingertips? Well dream no more. The Nescafe Azera cappuccino range is a delicious blend of instant coffee and finely ground coffee beans with an intense aroma topped off with a velvety froth. So coffee lovers, enter frothy heaven with the new Azera range.

Quench your thirst here

Rexel Activita Daylight Lamps – lighten up your day

Struggling with the lack of natural light in your office? With the Activita Daylight Lamps, you can brighten up your office like the Blackpool illuminations – not that we recommend this! These futuristic lamps will simulate daylight and keep you energised. And with 5 brightness settings, you’ll be sure to find an optimal setting for you.

Lighten up your day here

12 Jungle Innovation Colouring Pens – organise your creative spirit

This vibrant pack of felt tip pens comes with an innovative pen holder to brighten up your desk. From keeping your calendar up to date, to colour co-ordinated to-do lists, their uses are endless. And with their unique soft base holder, you’ll never be a colour short!

Get creative here

From flooding, to snow and ice, is your business ready for the weird & wild weather that winter brings?

Winter is now well and truly upon us and we’ve already seen some of the weird weather that it brings. Over the weekend severe flooding hit up and down the country, devastating homes and businesses alike. This made us think, how many businesses are really prepared when disaster strikes? This means you should be asking yourself one question... is your business ready for winter and the weird weather it brings?

Whether you think you’re ready or not, take a look at our winter essentials checklist below to be certain you can tackle the cold months ahead.

What do you need to keep your business operating this winter?

Brace yourselves everyone, we’re in for the longest and coldest winter to come, or so they say... The problem is the weather in this country can change on the flip of the coin, catching you off guard and leaving you in trouble. The best option is to be prepared for every eventuality… but are you?

Whether you’re facing snow, ice, a bitter cold wind, the dark nights or a car breaking down, our guide below includes all the essentials you need to keep yourself and your businesses running throughout this winter.

  • Hot drinks – You don’t need us to tell you how imperative it is to get your morning cup of tea or coffee to warm you up during the months ahead. We know we can’t function without ours!
  • Rock salt – Keep the ice away from your paths, car parks, roads and drives with rock salt and make sure you avoid any injuries on your property over the coming months.
  • Salt grit bins – Keep some rock salt stored at your place of work, the weather can change suddenly without any notice. You don’t want to get trapped at work!
  • Snow shovels – When the snow strikes, make sure you can dig your car out with a handy snow shovel. And don’t wait till it’s too late, because they’ll be sold out or double the price at the local garage!
  • Winter car care kits – Whether you’re travelling to and from work or have a company car, keeping one of these kits in the boot is essential to keeping your business running throughout the cold spell.
  • Hi-vis jackets – Noticed how it’s dark when you set off for work and when you leave to get home? Whether you walk, cycle, get a bus or even drive to work it’s important to have a high-vis jacket to stay visible.
  • Office snacks – Imagine it now, you’re sat at your desk and all of a sudden a flurry of snow hits the ground. Next thing it’s carnage in the office and you’re stuck at work with half a broken chocolate digestive for tea. Avoid this NIGHTMARE and make sure you’re always stocked up on the office’s favourite snacks.

  • If you’re concerned that your business isn’t ready for the winter weather ahead, log onto your online account to place your order and view your prices. Not got an online account but would like one? Call us today on 0333 999 0000 and a member of our customer services team will set you up in no time at all or give advice on how to make your workplace winter ready.

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