Protecting our Planet

We are committed to preserving and protecting our natural environment and aim to minimise the environmental impact on everything we do. Holding both ISO: 9001 & ISO: 14001 accreditations, we strive to ensure the best environmental policies are implemented in all cases. We are always looking to challenge and, where possible, improve processes to achieve even greater efficiencies and reduce our ecological footprint.


Electric or Hybrid Cars

In our sales fleet, drastically reducing carbon emissions


Paper & Toners

Recycled at each of our sites



Vehicles in our delivery fleet for greater efficiencies



In our catalogue carry a recognised eco label

Working Towards Weaver

Heatons are currently working towards independent sustainability certification that will help to improve sustainable business practices across a range of areas, and allow us to plan ahead with both the environment and community at the heart of our efforts.

Partnering with Office Friendly and Avieco, a leading provider in business sustainability services, their expert teams help businesses of varying size, from a wide range of industries, to understand and overcome their sustainability challenges, identify tangible opportunities and provide clear action to enhance sustainability. Avieco takes on clients’ sustainability challenges as if they were their own – with passion, energy and expertise – finding clear, practical sustainability solutions that really work for business.

Our green initiatives include:

  • Using recycled packaging and eliminating unnecessary waste
  • Solar panels on our roof space for environmentally-friendly energy
  • Replacement of our conventional heating system with a cleaner system powered by solar energy
  • Investment in vehicle routing technology for a greener fleet, lower CO2 emissions and streamlined deliveries
  • Sustainable premises management reducing the day-to-day impact of our business activities on the environment
  • Switching our sales fleet to fully electric or hybrid cars
  • Increasing the number of enviro-friendly product ranges we supply

Green Energy

We’ve switched to solar power by installing a 10 and 25 kWp panel system on our roofspace.

Renewable Power

Solar electricity is a completely renewable energy source that releases no carbon dioxide or other pollutants.

Natural Resource

By producing our own green environmentally-friendly energy we’ve significantly lightened our carbon footprint.

We use electricity wisely, turning off all office machines at the end of the day and switch off the lights when leaving a room.

We’ve switched to energy saving lighting in all our offices, replaced our 250Watt SON warehouse lighting with 140Watt LED fittings and installed lights with motion sensors.

We reduce, reuse and recycle providing recycling bins across all our sites. We recycle 100% of our toners, paper and batteries, over 500 tons of cardboard each year and over 50 tons of stretch wrap.

550 tons, that’s the equivalent to the weight of 133 adult male hippos.

We source products which are manufactured by methods that are less harmful to the worlds resources and are looking to introduce more environmentally-friendly ranges.

Our catalogue includes over 3,000 sustainable eco-friendly, recycled, Fairtrade and PEFC products.

Our Deliveries Go Greener With GreenerFleet

Working in conjunction with our Masternaut vehicle tracking solution, GreenerFleet uses real-time data to lower CO2 emissions, improve driver behaviour and ultimately increase efficiency. As a result, we’ve been able to monitor and streamline our deliveries, enabling reductions in fuel use, tyre wear and congestion.

Investment in our delivery fleet is an ongoing focus for us. We’ve already replaced 90% with Bluemotion vechicles, using the most up-to-date technology to maximise efficiencies and minimise our carbon footprint. Our aim is to reach 100% as soon as possible.

All of the particle board we use is both FSC and PEFC compliant.

FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) schemes are non-profit organisations concerned with ensuring the responsible and sustainable management of forests.

Over 80% of the products we supply are manufactured within the UK.

Buying local is a major contributor to assisting the economy and supporting the UK manufacturing industry, as well as helping the environment through less transportation.

We implement energy saving measures wherever possible, including the introduction of waterless urinal systems across the business to improve our water efficiency.

Our conventional heating system has also been replaced with an efficient air source heating system, powered through solar energy.

More Power to the Eco Flower

We’ve switched to eco-friendly handwash in our toilets and washrooms, using only products that carry the Eco-Label flower which are less harmful than equivalent brands.

The label is part of broader strategy to promote sustainable consumption and production.

We Choose To Reuse

We’re working to completely eliminate the consumption of single-use plastics in our workplace.

All staff have been provided with reusable water bottles and mugs, disposable cups are no longer permitted in kitchens or catering areas.

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