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2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m Blue (Pack of 6) KF03805 Pack of 1 Created from 100% recycled material, these 150 metre rolls come from a sustainable source and are perfect for a variety of different office tasks. These versatile rolls can be used to mop, absorb, polish or dry with equal efficiency, which means that they are an ideal solution for complete office cl...
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2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m White (Pack of 6) KF03804 Pack of 1 2 Ply Length-150m Width-175mm Core-70mm
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2-Ply White C-Fold Hand Towels (Pack of 2400) HTW240C Pack of 1 Allowing you to clean a range of surfaces without any difficulty, these C-fold hand towels are ideal for use in every workplace. Highly absorbent, these towels can be used to dry hands, mop up spills, or wipe and dry surfaces. This bulk value pack contains 2400 2 ply white hand towels, which can be ...
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2Work 2-Ply Flushable Hand Towel White (Pack of 2430) 12909VW Pack of 1 2Work Flushable C-Fold Hand Towel Embossed 2-Ply White 96 Sheets Pk 24 HT2WAVW
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Leonardo 2-Ply Z-Fold Hand Towels White (Pack of 2250) HTL003DS Pack of 1 Leonardo Multi Fold Hand Towels. Interleaved to offer single dispensing to avoid wastage. Towel size: 240 x 203mm. 2-Ply. Colour: White.
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Leonardo 1-Ply Hand Towel Roll Blue (Pack of 6) RTB200NDS Pack of 1 Leonardo 1 Ply Blue Hand Towel Roll (6 Pack) RTB200
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Leonardo 1-Ply Hand Towel Roll White (Pack of 6) RTW200NDS Pack of 1 Leonardo 1 Ply White Hand Towel Roll (6 Pack) RTW200
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Leonardo 2-Ply Laminated Hand Towel Roll White (Pack of 6) RTW175PNDS Pack of 1 Leonardo 2 Ply Laminated White Hand Towel Roll (6 Pack) RTW175
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2Work 1-Ply I-Fold Hand Towels Green (Pack of 3600) 2W70105 Pack of 1 2Work Single Fold Handtowels. Interleaved paper towels for use in the wall dispenser CT34069. Green. Size 190 x 250mm.
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Kleenex 2-Ply Ultra Hand Towel 124 Sheets (Pack of 15) 6778 Pack of 1 Ultra 2-Ply hand towels manufactured from highly absorbent Airflex. 116-sheets per pack. Sheet size - 315x215mm. Colour - White. See KC01197 for wall mounted dispenser.
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2Work 3-Ply Centrefeed Roll 135m Blue (Pack of 6) 2W00083 Pack of 1 2Work Centrefeed Roll 3-Ply Blue 135m. 375 sheets per roll. 60mm core. Pack of 6 rolls.
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2Work 2-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels White (Pack of 2355) HC2W23VW Pack of 1 2Work C-Fold Hand Towel 2-Ply. Highly absorbent paper towels for use in the wall dispenser CT34069. White. 310 x 225mm.
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2Work 1-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels Green (Pack of 2880) HC128GRVW Pack of 1 Single-ply Contains 192 towels per sleeve Sheet Size: 230x305mm Green Pack of 15 Sleeves
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2Work 1-Ply Centrefeed Roll 300m Blue (Pack of 6) KF03803 Pack of 1 Eco Friendly 100% recycled paper rolls. Versatile paper rolls ideal for wiping, mopping, drying and polishing. 1-ply. 300m. Colour - Blue.
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Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel H2 White 150 Sheets (Pack of 21) 100289 Pack of 1 Tork Xpress Premium Soft Hand Towels Multifold 2 Ply White 100289
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Tork T3 Folded Toilet Tissue 2-Ply 242 Sheets (Pack of 36) 114271 Pack of 1 Tork Folded Toilet Tissue 2 Ply White 114271
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Tork Conventional Toilet Roll 2-Ply 320 Sheets (Pack of 36) 100320 Pack of 1 Tork Conventional Toilet Roll White 320 Sheet 472150. Absorbent 2 ply. Embossed for comfort.
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Maxima 2-Ply Blue Centrefeed Hand Wiper 150 Metres (Pack of 6) 1105093 Pack of 1 Absorbent and effective 2-Ply centrefeed wiper. Great for general use or for mopping up spills. Ideal for the catering industry or the office canteen. Can be used in a centrefeed dispenser. Made from 100% recycled paper. Colour: Blue.
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2Work 1-Ply I-Fold Hand Towel White (Pack of 3600) 2W70723 Pack of 1 2Work Single Fold Handtowels. Interleaved paper towels for use in the wall dispenser (CT34069). Colour: White. Size: 190x250mm.
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2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll 10 Inch Blue (Pack of 24) F03806 Pack of 1 2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll. Perforated two ply roll suitable for medical couch covers and more. Blue. 250mm x 40m.
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2Work 1-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels Natural (Pack of 2760) 2W00878 Pack of 1 2Work C Fold Hand Towel. 1-Ply. 100 per cent recycled. Natural. 15 sleeves of 184 hand towels. Sheet size 310 x 230mm. 2760 hand towels in total.
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Kleenex 2-Ply Ultra Hand Towel 124 Sheets (Pack of 5) 7979 Pack of 1 Kleenex White Ultra Hand Towel (Pk 5) 7979 Splash resistant box, poly-shield box coating protects unused towels. Reduced waste, one-at-a-time dispensing so users take only what they need 70 Sheets
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Tork Reflex M4 Centrefeed Tissue 2-Ply 150m Blue (Pack of 6) 473263 Pack of 1 For use with the Tork Reflex centrefeed dispenser. 2-ply for robust durability. Individually wrapped for hygiene. 150m rolls with 429 sheets per roll. Sheet dimensions 194x350mm. Pack of 6 rolls. Blue.
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Tork Singlefold Hand Towel H3 Blue 200 Sheets (Pack of 20) 290145 Pack of 1 Single fold fold hand towels for Tork H3 system dispensers. 1-ply blue. Unfolded sheet dimensions: 25x23cm. 200 sheets per sleeve, pack of 20 sleeves.
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Maxima Green C-Fold Hand Towel 1-Ply Green Pk92x15 KMAX5053 Pack of 1 1-Ply, C-fold hand towels. Absorbent and tough on spills. Made from 100% recycled paper. Fit into standard hand towel dispensers. Eco-friendly hand drying solution. 20 packs containing 144 towels. Colour: Green
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