Printing Methods

There are a number of different printing methods available to our customers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s sometimes difficult to know what method is best suited to a particular job, with things like time-frame, quantity, durability and price all different factors to consider. Our experienced team are here to offer advice and help guide you through the process.


Put simply, lithographic printing uses wet inks and printing plates to produce high quality results and makes the perfect choice for anything which needs sharp, vibrant printing in high numbers.

  • High image quality & definition
  • Best value for money on high volume print runs, unit cost decreases as quantity increases
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including paper, cards and plastics
  • Able to cope with long print runs without losing quality
  • Can be used with a range of special finishes, including metallics, spot UV


Digital printing uses a four-colour process reproduction method, producing an image using toner or ink and dots of colour, taken from electronic files such as a PDF. It’s ideal for smaller print runs, offering value for money and a faster turnaround for quicker delivery.

  • Good quality
  • Quicker - faster set up and no drying time required
  • Best value for money on low volume print runs, bespoke one-off prints are a viable option
  • Better for the environment - no printing plates, less waste of chemical and paper
  • Can be used with a range of paper types, finishes and weights
  • Accurate proofs available for a hard copy sample before you confirm your order

Wide Format

We provide a bespoke large format printing service for our customers delivering high quality print with a fast turnaround. Posters and banners, indoor and outdoor displays, exhibition stands, signage, flags…. you name it, we produce it.

We can print on vinyl, plastic, or paper, virtually anything that fits through the printing press. Our design team are here to bring your advertising and marketing materials to life. We have years of branding experience and we’ll work with you to create eye-catching graphics that simply cannot be ignored, it’s our job to literally big you up.

The Finishing Touch

Choosing the right finish can really have an effect on the impact of your marketing, an shouldn’t be overlooked. From lamination through to embossing and Spot UV, here’s everything you need to know about the different finishes we can offer.

Add matt lamination to achieve a subtle, yet smooth quality finish. Adds texture and protects from wear and tear. Perfect for brochures or items where first impressions mean everything and a certain level of sophistication is important.

Add gloss for a more high-profile approach. Grab the attention with bright colours and a visible shine. Creates a luxurious sheen and forms a protective coating over the print. Perfect for brochure covers, menus and folders or when imagery needs to take centre stage.

Add a soft touch lamination when you want to impact not only the way your publication looks, but also how it feels. Perfect for the more tactile amongst us. Similar in appearance to a matt lamination but the velvety texture adds a new dimension to the marketing collateral.

Extremely effective at accentuating elements of a design, such as a logo or company name, with an ultra-glossy finish. Perfect for business cards, invitations or branded marketing. Spot UV gives the freedom to add subtle shine without overpowering and adds depth and contrast for a more striking message.

If you want to go luxe, consider adding a metallic element to your design with block foiling. Ideal for special invitations or announcements or when you want to create an elegant finish with an air of exclusivity. Combine with embossing or textured paper stock for more sophisticated, intricate designs.

If you want to get seriously creative with the shape of your print, than die-cutting is your best option. It’s a way of creating stand-out marketing materials to give your brand an extra dimension and an interactive element your clients will engage with. Perfect for business cards, invitations and completely personalised promotions, as well as custom packaging and bespoke boxes in striking shapes.

Protects your print by sealing it in a thin waterproof, plastic film, for extra strength and longevity. Perfect for name badges, catalogues and menus, in fact, anything that is regularly handled and requires extra durability.

Embossing is a great way to make tactile, attention grabbing promotions by pressing text, or images into paper or card to create stunning 3D designs. Perfect for accentuating logos or short captions of text and giving texture to patterned images.
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