Guaranteed Cost-In-Use Savings

Eliminate waste and reduce your costs using efficient, self-presenting systems in your washrooms. We guarantee to offer you a saving, often ranging between 15-20%, by precisely matching the most suitable and cost-effective products with your individual requirements.

Hand Towels

Buying the wrong towels cost be costing you and the environment dearly. If you’re still using C-Fold hand towels it could be time to consider an alternative.

The savings can be staggering.


Interleaved towels automatically pull out the next towel ready for use.

• Towels fully open on dispensing

• Dispenses one towel at a time for controlled usage

• Fits most type of dispensers

• No cross-contamination

• No waste


The most commonly used type of hand towel, they are dispensed folded and must be opened before use.

• 50% chance of being loading incorrectly, often upside down

• Difficult to take out, users take on average 2-3 at a time

• Small surface drying limits absorption

• Users must push hand inside dispenser to remove making cross contamination likely

Consider Your Toilet Tissue

This tends to be one of the biggest costs in janitorial supplies.

When it comes to toilet paper, price comparisons can be confusing because no two rolls or tissue are the same and there’s no set size for a sheet of toilet paper. Not only are there many different roll sizes to choose from, but lots of other factors to consider like square footage, number of layers, thickness and even softness. Rolls or sheets, mini or jumbo, 1-ply, 2-ply or even 3-ply, there’s lots of options and big differences in price.

Washroom Soap

Are you washing your hands with contaminated soap? Did you know refillable bulk dispensers can leave hands with x25 more bacteria after washing them not less? Sealed cartridge systems are the safer, more hygienic alternative to bulk fill dispensers and can save you more time and money than you think.

Just Look at All These Great Reasons to Switch

  • Saves time as empty cartridges are easily replaced in seconds
  • Sealed cartridges mean less mess, drips and spills
  • More hygienic as fresh product is dispensed each time
  • Less risk of spreading germs and bacteria by washing hands with contaminated soap
  • Controlled product dosage prevents over use
  • Cartridges are designed to collapse in use for less waste
  • Less labour and time intensive to clean and refill
  • Secure and lockable to prevent unauthorised access
  • Easy to use large push buttons
  • Low maintenance - easy wipe clean surfaces
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