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Derwent Xl Charcoal Pack of 1 Derwent XL Charcoal Assortment is a new drawing range of 6 extra large blocks of charcoal. XL Charcoal is naturally water-soluble and offers a rich opaque finish that can be layered up over different colours. Great for mark making with the large 20mm square by 60mm long blocks59; create different ef...
Derwent Xl Graphite Pack of 1 The Derwent XL Graphite Assortment is a range of 6 extra large blocks of graphite that offer rich, water soluble cover and a silvery finish that is great for tonal washes and painting. Try flicking paint directly off the end of the block to create texture59; create different marks with the sides, ed...
Derwent Willow Charcoal Asstd Pack of 1 Derwent willow charcoal is a deep rich black, glides beautifully and blends effortlessly. Soft yet strong, their uniform velvety texture makes these charcoal sticks a pleasure to use. An artists essential for studies, life drawing and sketching scenes quickly. Round barrelled. Assorted pack of stick...
Derwent Charcoal Pencils Tub 72 Pack of 1 Derwent charcoal pencils are made from natural charcoal particles mixed with the finest clays and encased in a cedar wood barrel. A wide variety of techniques are possible from the gentlest of rubbing to broad coverage and bold lines.
Water Soluble Graphite Crayons Pack of 1 Ideal for sketching and shading large areas, these sticks are durable, long lasting and water-soluble in order to create fantastic designs. Chunky hexagonal graphite sticks, measuring 12 x 120mm. Individually paper wrapped to minimise mess on hands and clothes.
Derwent Acad Sketch PencilsP12 Pack of 1 Sketching is the foundation of all art so a range of superior quality graphite pencils is a must for any artist. This range of smooth sketching pencils comes in 12 degrees, from a soft 6B to a hard 5H to suit all your needs. Easy to sharpen and break resistant with a non-scratch tip.
Charcoal Compressed Derwent X6 Pack of 1 A smooth, smudgy charcoal stick which lends itself perfectly to landscape work and portraiture. Reformed from pure wood charcoal into a round, easy to use drawing tool. Offers superb depth of colour and shade. Pack contains 2 each of light, medium and dark tones which mix and blend easily. The addit...
Crayons Lyra Graphite Tub 24 Pack of 1 Chunky graphite 12 x 120mm. Set contains 8 each of 2B, 6B and 9B.
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