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Blu Tack White 60g P12 Pack of 1 A great alternative to Blu Tack Original which will perform in the same way but is great to use on white surfaces. The ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape, this tack can be used for posters, paintings, decorations and much more. Re-usable, clean, grease-free, safe and easy to use. 60g.
Blu Tack Original 60g Pack of 1 Clean and safe, easy to use with 1000s of uses. Blu Tack provides an alternative to drawing pins and sticky tapes and can be used for holding up posters, cards, paintings, decorations and much more. Can also be used for holding down model parts during construction or painting. Re-usable, clean, grea...
Sellotac 45g Pack 12 Pack of 12 Sellotape Sticky Tac Blu Tac, 45g - Pack of 12 - 45g
Sellotac 84g Pack 12 Pack of 12 Sellotape Sticky Tac Blu Tac, 84g - Pack of 12 - 84g
Classmates Adhesive Tack 500g Pack of 1 Ideal for all displays of classwork. Can be used on non-porous surfaces eg. glass, metal etc. 500g.
UHU White Tack 86.5g P12 Pack of 1 UHU white tack, the re-useable and repositional white adhesive providing a quick and clean strong hold. Sticks paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces around the office or school. No show through on white paper and no colour staining. Pack of 12 x 86.5g.
Pritt Sticky Tac - 65 Tacs Pack of 1 A versatile, re-usable and easily removable white tac. Perfect for mounting, decorations, cards, posters, model making and much more. An ideal non-permanent alternative to pins or tape. Pre-cut into adhesive squares, each tac holds up to 250g to walls, doors or windows. It contains no linseed oil, i...
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