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Vu Data Logger Pack of 1 Vu Data logger
Vu Data Logger 5pack Pack of 1 Vu Data Logger 5pack
Vu Class Cart Pack of 1 6 x Vu Dataloggers (Built-in Temperature, Light Sound)6 x Lanyards6 x USB Cables12 x Plug-in Temperature Sensors6 x Plug-in Heart Rate Sensors1 x Vu Timing Ramp Set1 x Vu Power House Set1 x Timing Mats1 x EasySense Software (Site Licence)1 x eBook of Activities1 x Storage Cart
Primary Logger Pack of 1 The Primary Logger is a cost effective and robust solution for any Primary school, with built-in temperature, light and sound sensors plus a temperature probe. This data logger can display metered values, recording types, file/logger status, time and date. The Primary Loggers simple 3 button operati...
Logbook Graphing Secondary Software Pack of 1 Through simple use of the drop down menus and toolbars students are able to carry out a range of investigations. Logbook Graphing offers a new concept in sensor technology by offering the ability to both meter and record from a number of combination sensors. Logbook Graphing functionality ranges fro...
Temperature Sensor Pack of 1 This probe is designed for general use such as the temperature measurement of air, surface or liquids. Range -20 to 120deg;C, res 0.2ºC Safe for use in all readily available classroom chemicals Minimum recommended recording interval is 10 ms for the temperature probeOnly for use with Logbook Data Lo...
Advanced Light Sensor Pack of 1 The advanced light sensor can measure from 0.5 to 100,000 lux, with relative accuracy at all levels. It is ideal for experiments needing accurate quantitative results at all incident light levels. This sensor can select either fast or slow response modes.Only for use with Logbook Data Loggers.
Sound Sensor Pack of 1 Suitable for investigating the sound level in normal working environments, and very low levels such as the dawn chorus. It has ranges for sound waves either in dB or in KPa. The sensor has a fast response two sensors placed a few metres apart can be used to measure the speed of sound.Only for use wi...
Pulse Sensor Pack of 1 This sensor can be used either to measure heart rate during exercise or with an ear/finger clip for before/after exercise. The pulse sensor measures pulse rate from 0 to 240 beat per minute.Only for use with Logbook Data Loggers.
Spirometer Sensor Pack of 1 Spirometer SensorConsists of a low pressure sensor, plusmn;1 KPa, and a Spirometer mouthpiece. It can be used either to measure breathing rate, or to assess the function of a subjects lungs. The Spirometer mouthpiece is part of the accessory pack for the 1KPa Pressure sensor, both of which are suppl...
Logbook Starter Bundle Non Wireless Pack of 1 The perfect kit to get you started with our range of data loggers. This comprehensive set provides lots of opportunities to explore data logging in all areas of science. Plus the included DataDisc Explorer Software allows for both metering and recording from a number of combination sensors. Includes...
VU Data Logger Heart Sensor Pack of 1 Pupils of all ages are keenly interested in how physical and mental stress affects their heart rate. The sensing clip (pleth) can be attached to a finger or ear lobe to measure either blood flow (pulse waveform) or heart rate (beats per minute).ActivitiesHeart rate changes due to activityRecovery ra...
VU Data Logger Temperature Sensor Pack of 1 This general-purpose Temperature sensor is the most commonly used sensor in the range. It can accurately measure the temperature of air, water, soil and weak acidic solutionsSuitable ActivitiesExploring how warm or cold e.g. Are your hands warmer than mineHow warm is our classroomHow to decide when ...
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