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Sikh Artefacts Pack of 1 Sikh Artefacts
Sikh Collection Pack of 1 A collection of Sikh artefacts59; a starched turban, Pattka (which is worn underneath the turban), Mala (or prayer beads), Sikh flag showing the Nisan Sahib, Kara (bangle), Kangha (comb), Sikh symbols which could be worn around the neck in place of the full sized 5Ks59; Kirpan (knife) and Kacchera (...
Sikhism Snap Pack Pack of 1 This quick and easy-to-use card set is a great way of helping your pupils to learn about Sikhism. The cards depict important images about the 5Ks, the Gurdwara, Sikh festivals and the story of Malik Bhago amongst many more.
Sikh Gurdwara Pack of 1 Learn about what happens in a Sikh Gurdwara with this 2 storey wooden model. Upstairs is the prayer area complete with dais for the Guru Granth Sahib and wooden musical instruments. Below is the Langar or free kitchen, where worshippers can spend time together over a simple meal. Size 390 x 200 x 45...
Sikhism Activity Pack Pack of 1 Introduce this wonderful mainstream religion with this exciting activity pack. The main points are highlighted and brought to life through the teachers notes, information sheets and range of different colouring and decorative activities included in the pack. Contents - printed Guru Nanak pictures to...
Sikhism Artefacts Pack Pack of 1 Enhance you Sikhism topic with this collection of artefacts. Includes a Starched Turban, a Sikh Flag, Prayer Beads, a Guru Garland and a set of 5Ks artefacts. It also has 4, A5 Photo Cards, Diwali Festival cards, an A2 Poster and a 30 page Quiz Pad filled with questions, quizzes and crosswords to re...
British Values - Ks1?á (10 Book Pack) Pack of 1 A collection of 10 books exploring the theme of British Values. In KS1 British Values is all about fostering respect, tolerance, a sense of responsibility and making a positive contribution. This book collection is a comprehensive and age appropriate resource that celebrates our differences, helps c...
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