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Buddhist Artefacts Pack of 1 Buddhist Artefacts
Buddhist Shrine Pack Pack of 1 This pack contains a set of 7 bowls, a butter lamp (for Wesak), a 145mm resin Buddha, incense sticks with holder and a thangka (decorated hanging showing Buddha - 460 x 360mm).
Buddhist Vihara Pack of 1 Allow children to make a journey of exploration with this wonderful Buddhist Vihara or temple. Made in Sri Lanka by a fair trade co-operative, our temple allows young children to investigate some aspects of Buddhism through creative play. The set comes with wooden play people and monk as well as the...
Buddhism Snap Pack of 1 Buddhism Snap will provide a helpful resource for children learning about aspects of Buddhism incuding information about the story. With cards showing information about the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the noble eightfold path, symbols and clothing. These cards can be used to play Snap and Pairs as ...
Buddhism Activity Pack Pack of 1 An exciting activity pack that can be used as an introduction/overview of this fascinating religion. The main points are highlighted and brought to life through the teachers notes, information sheets and range of different colouring and decorative activities included in the pack. Contents printed Bu...
Buddhism Artefacts Pack Pack of 1 Engage pupils with this collection of Buddhism artefacts including a Resin Buddha Statue, a Prayer Wheel, Manjera Cymbals, Mala Beads, a Buddha Bag and a String of Prayer Flags. It also contains four A5 Photo Cards, an A2 Poster and a 30 page Quiz Pad filled with questions, quizzes and crosswords to...
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