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Toddler Music Band Pack of 1 14 pieces supplied in a storage tray. Includes 1 x Rainbospinner, Snail Shaker, Ladybird Shaker, Fish Shaker, Baby Xylophone with extra beater, Rattle Roller, Ring My Bell, Shaker Maraca, Baby Bell, Baby Shaker, Baby Drum and 2 x Ocean DrumsDimensions 16x332x163x97
Percussion Ks1 And 2 Classpack Pack of 1 Ideal for use in schools to conduct ensemble work. A-Stars KS1 Percussion Pack offers a wide variety of handheld instruments for the classroom. The vast selection of instruments allows the kids to explore different sounds and start exploring the percussion world. All instruments are assembled using...
Spin Away Sing and Play Centre Pack of 1 Spin Away Sing and Play Centre
Small Hands Red Instrument Pk Pack of 1 8 piece wooden musical instrument set including a tambourine, jingle sticks, maracas, clappers, castanets and triangle. Perfect introduction to listening, music skills and hand-eye co-ordination.
Small Hands Music Pack Pack of 1 This colourful pack of musical instruments and sound makers is specially selected for younger children. The set contains 14 musical instruments packed in a storage tray with a lid. Contents include 2 rainbow shakers, 2 cage bells, 4 baby maracas, 1 baby rainmaker, 1 baby drum, 1 mybell, 1 clip clap,...
Music Pick Up And Play Pack of 1 An outstanding value set of instruments stored within a handy tub. Instruments are aimed at Key Stage 1 children and the pack contains sufficient instruments for 56 pupils to use at one time. Perfect for multi-class productions, these instruments have been selected to help children play simple tunes...
Early Years Pick Up And Play Pack of 1 A class pack crammed with exciting instruments aimed for use with children. This outstanding value pack is an excellent introduction to early music. With a mixture of instrument types59; this pack will keep all ages of children occupied and is perfect for encouraging creative play. Contents include ...
Early Years Treasure Chest Pack of 1 This collection of shakers and music makers offers a wide variety of sounds, visual effects and playing techniques offering an ideal resource for the development of thinking, language, motor and music skills.
Music Class Pack Pack of 1 A large and exciting range of musical instruments to make no end of noise with.
Latino Pack Pack of 1 Easy storage in the multi-compartment nylon holdall keeps all the instruments tidy and together. Pack contains 1 tambourine with vellum head, 1 headless tambourine, 5 triangles and beaters - various sizes, 2 small wood tone blocks and beaters, 1 large wood tone block and beater, 1 pair painted woode...
Pre School 16 Player Set Pack of 1 Contains 1 clapper, 1 guiro/shaker, 1 pair handled castanets, 4 egg shakers, 1 pair frog maracas, 2 hand held sleigh bells, 1 tambourine, 1 glockenspiel, 1 fish tone block, 2 small tambourines, 1 triangle with beater, 1 jingle stick, 1 pair finger castanets, complete with wheeled plastic carry chest...
Performance Percussion KS2 Set Pack of 1 25 player percussion set. Enough instruments for up to 25 pupil. All supplied in a sturdy plastic box with lid. Contents may vary.
Metal Sounds Pack Pack of 1 Packaged in a zip-up plastic bag. Contains 1 metal shaker, 1 triangle with beater, 1 double agogo bells with beater, 1 cowbell with mounting bracket, 1 pair of hand held cymbals with leather straps and 2 pairs of finger cymbals.
Boomwhacker Classpack Pack of 1 Ideal for music classes, PE classes or any activity for music and dance.Includes 25 Boomwhackers, Move and Play Book and CD, octovator caps (lower the tone by 1 octave when placed on 1 end) and carry bag.
Rhythm Chest Key Stage 1 Pack of 1 An excellent resource to aid the study of music at KS1. This resource chest is aimed at younger children and contains smaller, simpler instruments. The kit contains sufficient instruments for 28 pupils to jointly participate in music making. The instruments have been specially selected to give young...
Key Stage 1 Music Kit Pack of 1 This 30 piece kit contains 1 glockenspiel, 4 castanets, 3 castanets on handle, 1 wood block, 1 tone block, 2 pairs of cymbals, 2 animal bells, 2 jingle bells, 2 wrist bells, 2 triangles, 1 pair of maracas, 4 maracitos, 2 shakers, 2 tambourines and a hand drum with beater. Supplied in a large plastic...
Performance Percussion Key Stage 1 Set Pack of 1 Packed full of fun, brightly coloured percussion instruments, this 28 player percussion set is a great budget option. All supplied in a sturdy plastic box with lid. Contents may vary
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