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AF Sprayduster Compressed Air Duster 400ml Can ASDU400D
Product Code: AFI50026
Pack Of 1
Lead Time 997 days
This AF Sprayduster helps keep your PC and other electrical equipment free of dust and operating coolly and quietly. Ideal for accessing hard to reach places, this sprayduster provides a thorough clean with compressed air. Particularly well suited for removing built-up dust from fans and keyboards, this cleaner will help to improve air flow and prevent overheating. Due to the spray design, the 400ml can should be used upright at all times.
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TypeGeneral Cleaning
ManufacturerAF International
BrandAF International
FormAir Duster
REACH Chemical Registration required (Y/N)Yes
REACH Requires Health & Safety Data SheetYes
Pack Contains1
Width (mm)80
Depth (mm)270
Height (mm)10
Weight (kg)0.53
Country of OriginChina/UK
ISO 14001 (Y/N)Yes
Mercury (ppm)No
Hexavalent Chromium (ppm)No
Recyclable (Yes/No)Yes
Biodegradable InformationOuter box and can
Capacity - Volume (ml)400.00
Product TypeComputer Cleaning General
Alcohol FreeNo
Bottle Size342ml
VOW 2018 UK catalogue page no578
VOW 2018 Irish catalogue page no578
2019 Irish catalogue page no527
2019 UK catalogue page no527
Consumer Logistics Lead Time997
Dealer Logistics Lead Time001


100% ozone safe, pure compressed gas.
342ml can
342ml standard aerosol spray duster
400ml can
Compressed air duster for cleaning dust from equipment
Ideal for computers, keyboards, printers, timing devices, cash machines, fax machines, audio/video equipment, VCRs, CDs and delicate lab equipment.
Must be used upright
Non flammable, To be used upright only, Easy to use.
Non-flammable, zero residue.
Packed with compressed air
Promote airflow by removing dust from fans
Suitable for: Keyboards, Printers, Photocopiers, Fax Machines, Cameras, Delicate Electronic Equipment


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